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Residential Solar Ready Backup
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Our solar ready backup systems are integrated with your main distribution board an seamlessly changes over to backup when there is load shedding or power failures from the grid.


All our systems are scalable and solar ready meaning if you want to start with the inverter and battery first you can always when ready add your solar panels for your system.​

Residential Solar Solutions
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With our solar systems we can get you started with a entry level system  you can upgrade on the go.

Our advanced  hybrid systems will allow you​ to keep essentials running and  can also allow you to feed excess power from your panels to your grid connected items. This results ion huge savings on geysers and similar appliances that uses a lot of power from the grid.


We also have off grid solutions where we combing solar and diesel generators to ensure you have control over your power generation.

Commercial Solar Ready Backup
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If your business needs a reliable power supply to keep essential appliances operational we have solutions.


Our systems are scalable and solar ready meaning you can also add solar panels to increase the efficiency of your system.

Commercial Solar Solutions
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Our commercial systems are designed to suite each customers need. We combine the latest technology from quality equipment to give clients the necessary backup and saving on their electricity bills.

With our main goal the get clients

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